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“To HD or not to HD?” that is the question!

After speaking to a fellow MUA and admiring her gorgeously shaped and coloured eyebrows, she confided that they were in fact her newly grown and shaped ‘HD Brows’. I had never heard of this treatment, and not wanting to miss out on a new trend I set about researching how this is any different to a tint and wax.

The basic difference seems to be the training. It is expensive and specialised with close attention paid to creating a specific shape of brow for the face, alongside a bespoke tint, matched complexion and hair colour.

In light of my forthcoming holiday I thought this was an ideal opportunity to try out this Brow Treatment. My appointment cost £25 and took place at home and was done by the very talented and annoyingly gorgeous (thin, lovely, young etc.) Marianne who is a trained HD Brow Specialist.

The treatment provided great entertainment for my two children who sat on the bed captivated by what was being painted on to my eyebrows! After the first taupe coloured tint was applied I could see hairs at the tails of my brows that I had no idea existed. I fear that my overzealous Asian eyebrow threading lady has maybe removed these and left me to simply pencil in my invisible tail. Next came the shaping which didn’t take too long due to my lack of hair and involved a process of both waxing and plucking.

Marianne finished with a darker tint to try and bring out the tail of my brow. If I’m honest it’s probably a bit darker than I’m used to but I wanted it to last during my holiday and with so little brow hair it was kind of necessary. I’ve been told to leave my brows alone and not be tempted to pluck any strays as these will be brought into line during my next appointment. I’ve also been advised to use a growth serum to encourage growth to the tails of my brows.

Below are my very unattractive ‘before’ and ‘after photos, let me know your thoughts?

If you are interested in getting HD Brows then I highly recommend Marianne, her contact details are:

07894 082252

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