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If You've Got It, Flaunt It, If You Haven't, Fake It!

In preparation for my first overseas holiday in over five years, I'm embarking on a series of beauty treatments inspired by my interactions with other MUAs who look amazing and kindly assure me it's got nothing to do with being over ten years younger than me but is in-fact all down to the amazing 'eyelash extensions, brow tint, fake tan, mani/pedi, latest volumising blow dry' etc etc.

So I thought I'd give these things a try and over the next week, I will update you with my thoughts, and photos, and let you decide if they were worth the investment.

Alas I've always had short, thin, blonde eyelashes. My children thank goodness take after my hubby and have the most gorgeous long, thick, dark lashes (even though they're both blondies at the moment). I've tried every mascara in the world and use RevitaLash serum religiously just to give me the short, thin lashes that I have!

I've only ever had extensions twice before today. The first time was six years ago and they fell out within five days, despite me meticulously following the after care plan. The second time was before my wedding (luckily I'd left enough time to try it out before the big day). They were so long they met my eyebrows and looked a bit like spiders, I intentionally broke all the rules of aftercare to get these babies to fall off quicker than you could say 'The Only Way is Essex!'


Today I had 'cashmere' eyelash extensions! Done by the very experienced Hoda, the process took just over one hour and was very relaxing (I even nodded off at one stage!). It cost £40 and I'm told they should last one month. I think they look fab, but we'll see how they last. Adjacent are my before and after photos so that you can judge for yourselves. I should point out that the 'before' photo is me wearing YSL False Effect Mascara in black (taken yesterday). Both have minimal makeup so that you can see the lashes.

So was it worth the £40? Let me know your thoughts....

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