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Magnetic Lashes....a game changer?

OK so I would never use these on my clients, but I must admit I did wonder if magnetic lashes would be good for me to wear every day. After all the Facebook and Insta videos showed numerous ladies applying these easy to use lashes in seconds, so I thought I'd give them a go.

I loved the idea that all you have to do is sandwich each lash either side of your natural upper lashes 'et voila' you look like you've made a proper effort for the school run! Plus many of you had been asking for my thoughts, and all I had to go on was a You Tube video and review from Sam Chapman (of Pixiwoo) so I took the plunge and ordered the new and improved 'Dailies'set from Silly George.

The instructions said there were two ways to apply the lashes. 'The First Way' according to the instructions is to place the top lash (the one with the magnets on the bottom) on top of your natural lash line close to the eyelid. Then without blinking you had to bring the bottom lash (the one with the magnets on the top) up from under your natural lashes so that the magnets meet and connect together with the top lash. Starting with the inside magnet, then middle, then outside.

The 'Second Way' was to cut the bottom lash (the one with the magnets on top) into 3 pieces with one magnet on each piece. Then sit the top lash on top of the lash line, starting with the inner corner of the eye and holding the first piece you had to bring it up to connect the magnet with the top piece, then the same with the middle and outer piece.

Wow what could be simpler I ask? No glue, just a quick snap together of magnets and done......

Over 90 minutes later and after trying the 'First Way and 'Second Way' I sort of got them on. The problem with 'Both Ways' is that when you are over 40 your eyesight is not great, so trying to work out whether the magnets are on top or the bottom is tricky let alone whether it is the right or left eye. Secondly, trying to keep your eye open without blinking is is so hard. When I did manage it the lashes were always wonky because I'm so blind without glasses! Also if you got it wrong and somehow the lashes snapped together catching the eyelid, boy did that hurt! After use of a close up mirror, glasses and tweezers, trimming the lashes to fit my very small eyes and blending them in with Mascara, they sort of looked OK.

Were they worth the £20 price tag? (The cost is roughly calculated as I paid in $), No they were not worth the money. Will I be using them again? Absolutely not. Strip lashes and Duo lash glue will be my friends forever! "Sorry for cheating on you 'Baby Demis' I promise not to do it again x"

Just for a laugh this is me wearing them (as you can see from the second photo they were still a bit wonky!). Let me know if you have tried magnetic lashes, whether they worked for you and what brand they were?

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