Time for a little 'Tox of the Box!'

My Name is Nikki Mullard, I am 43 years old and today I had Botox. Why do I feel the need to share this controversial treatment? Well for many reasons...

I first had Botox five years ago just before I got married. I wanted to get rid of some deep set frown lines, which as a particularly charming ex had once told me, "made me look constantly miserable!" Or as the saying now goes I have a natural 'RBF' (resting bitch face!).

The treatment was fab, I didn't look like I had anything done but my frown lines were gone. I then moved to Bournemouth, and needed to find someone local to do another top up a few years later. Alas, the last treatment that I had two years ago was less successful. My eyebrows went up and I had a somewhat surprised expression for a couple of months.

For those that know me well, you will know that I am an open book, so I have always told people when I have had Botox, because I would never do something that I was ashamed of. I have been called vain (I have a brutally honest sister) and I do understand that given recent events, worrying about a few facial lines might seem a little narcissistic.

However, my argument is this, I recently encountered a health scare. For once I did not share this with anyone except my hubby, as there was no point in worrying anyone until I knew more. Luckily after a week of fearing the worst I got the all clear. In that week of uncertainty I started to think about what I had not done that I wanted to do (obviously being here for my hubby, children, friends and family is a given!). There were two places I wanted to go; Canada and Italy, and there was the annoyance that I never had lost that baby weight and that I'd wasted so much time eating the wrong thing, not exercising and feeling tired and rubbish as a result. Then the guilt came, about how this had affected me as a Mum, and that my lack of energy had maybe meant I'd not been the best I could be to my gorgeous children. Now that I have the all clear, I am focussed on getting healthy, and being the best version of me, with more energy to enable me to be a better Mum, I hope! But with that comes a need to look and feel my best. For the last few years, I have stopped doing the things that make me feel good like getting a regular mani/pedi, bikini line wax and of course the old Botox.

So today it was time to blur those frown lines which at 43 are starting to take hold again. I am so pleased to have found River Aesthetics in Canford Cliffs which opened earlier this year above HNB Hair Salon. The results will take two weeks to fully kick in and I will share a before and after then, but I wanted to say to anyone debating getting a little 'something done' how lovely Victoria and Charlotte are.

Victoria is so down to earth and like me is a busy working Mum, and understands that whilst we don't all need or want to look like a supermodel, it's important to look and feel your best. They also have a clinic in London and Lymington so for us Southerners there are a few options.

So I guess I should end this Blog with the question...would you have a little `Tox of the Box?` ....and if so would you tell anyone?

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