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What is Boudoir Photography?

I have been working with the very talented Rebecca Frost Photography who specialises in Boudoir Photography for over a year now. Before I worked with Beccy I was aware of boudoir shoots, but would never have considered having my own shoot. However, having seen so much of Beccy's fabulous images, I am absolutely planning on having one (I just want to finish my weight loss journey first!).

Normally when working with Beccy I do the client's hair and makeup and depart as Beccy starts the Boudoir Shoot. However, last Wednesday I had the honour of staying to watch Beccy at work, and watch how she not only makes her clients look and feel their best, but I also saw that boudoir photography really is an art form.

From creating soft silhouettes, to creative shadows, Beccy's direction to bend an arm here, lift your tummy there and push your bottom out here added curves in all the right places. The 'Boudoir' itself is a dream room full of plush fabrics (even adorning the walls), stunning New Forest views from the secluded Minstead studio location and a sumptuous bed, that really did earn its place in this decadent location .

It's interesting that one of the dictionary's literal translations of Boudoir is: 'Boudoir: 1. a woman's bedroom or private sitting room. Origin of boudoir. 1775-1785. 1775-85; < French: literally, a sulking place ( boud(er) to sulk!' I think that some of Beccy's most creative work comes when the client embraces her inner-diva and looks lost in wistful thought. For those who think that boudoir is not for them, Beccy really does make you look and feel beautiful showing you the images as she works, which you can see in-turn enables the client to relax and enjoy the experience.

So are you a bride to be and wondering what to give your fiance on the big day? A framed Boudoir Image of you is not only unique, but is an image that will last a lifetime capturing a moment in time that both of you can treasure.

Alternatively do you need a confidence boost? I would say that Beccy is the Forest's answer to Gok Wan, and really does make you feel gorgeous in your gorgeously fitted underwear. And, even if the images are for your eyes only, why not take the plunge, it's an experience you will always remember. And of course if you would like your hair and makeup done for the shoot, I would be happy to help x


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