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What brides really need on their wedding day...

When I first trained in makeup and hair styling a very wise celebrity makeup artist told me to always have a bag of 'tricks' for little emergencies that may arise. By this he meant that makeup artists and hair stylists are the 'go to' person during a photoshoot, filming day and at a wedding.

My emergency kit bag has steadily grown through the years and now includes everything from bulldog clips and toupee tape (for loose fitting clothes), Diet Coke (because photographers and stylists never have time to buy drinks but always need caffeine on the go!) and a clothes brush (it's amazing how fluff can attract to clothes on camera).

Being someone that can offer solutions and help with little emergencies is what I believe sets experienced makeup artists apart.

The trouble is that more and more I am finding my emergency kit bag is being utilised by my both brides and the wedding party, which of course is what it is there for, until I realise that something is missing having been used already between jobs. As much as I try to make sure I have a solution for everything, I thought I would share what I think is a great wedding kit bag that brides can give to their Maid of Honour to have on hand should it be needed throughout the day.

So here goes with the 'Wedding Emergency' kit list!

Breath spray or mints

Diet Coke (see above)

Nail varnish (neutral tone)

Nail varnish remover

Pain killers


Safety pins


Sewing kit

Snacks such as crisps, chocolate and sweets in case of sugar dip with little time to eat!



Toupee tape (Just in case the bride has lost a little too much weight and perhaps the décolletage is a little revealing!)

Toys and colouring books/pens etc. for little ones who may be present whilst the bridal party are getting ready

Wet Wipes

White pants for light dresses where a bridal party member forgets that bright pink may not be appropriate underwear (this has happened more than once!)

So that's it for now but if you think I have missed anything do let me know!


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