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Why I'm Not Sulky About 2016

Some (in fact most) would say that 2016 has been a rubbish year. I'm not going to ignore the losses we've had including David Bowie (he has been a major influence on my makeup and hair inspiration), Alan Rickman ("Never Give up, Never Surrender"), George Michael (no words needed), Carrie Fisher and her Mum Debbie Reynolds (too sad to even talk about). Then there's the whole Brexit debacle, the Trump presidency and awful world affairs the most harrowing of course being the Syrian crisis.

However, for me 2016 has been a really life-changing and positive year. Firstly the lovey International and Celebrity Makeup Artist; SJ Froom agreed to be my mentor. Then through SJ, I met the amazingly talented SulkyDoll, the celebrity stylist Donna McCulloch.

Donna (aka Sulky) has had a major impact on my confidence, experience and style in the second half of 2016. Working for Donna as a hair and makeup artist enabled me to develop my speed in application as editorials and fashion shoots are a fast paced environment to work within. Then there is her creative influence. I love that Donna is an artist when it comes to all things to do with clothes, shoes, accessories and just 'stuff' in general. Even though I have a BA Hons in Fashion and Textile Design, the attention I had started to pay to my own clothes had dropped off the radar (mainly due to that 2-3 stone of baby weight I keep saying I'm going to lose!). Donna has taken me under her wing and taught me all things to do with Instagram (I barely used it prior to July!) and introduced me to some amazingly talented people (designer Deborah Campbell, photographer Andy Barnham and editor of on-line publication; Riddle Magazine).

One of this year's highlights came when we did a 'swapsy' and Sulky came to give me a wardrobe edit, and style consultation and I gave her glitter tears and a lion's mane (of course!). It was during this edit that I realised I had lost all sense of myself. I had seen other people (my clients and children) as a priority, as people worth investing time and energy in, but for me clothes needed to be comfy (oh dear middle age style crisis alert!).

I now realise there is no point in saving clothes for 'best' and that it's OK to take risks when it comes to style and clothes, I'm 40, a wife and mother but it's OK to want to look good. Donna has also reminded me of my strong work ethic, through her own determination to conquer the competitive world of styling, Donna's star has risen in 2016 and rightly so. Her constant pursuit of style, innovation and un-discovered talent as well as her own attention to dressing in such an innovative way playing to her quirky style is my daily 'Insta-fix'. Doing this whilst balancing full time work as a stylist, being a Mum of two and wifey to Gary is going to be my 2017 inspiration.

Yes I'm busy but so is everyone and that is no reason to not pursue my dreams and career goals, all of course, whilst looking fabulous dahling, hopefully a little slimmer and maybe just a little Sulky!

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